Viage Group

Customer Testimonials

Owner of a Beneteau 34 Swift Trawler:

480 hours on her.  The more you own this ST34 the more you realize the genius of the design and the excellent construction.  The nighttime nav capability of this boat is unequalled.  With the radar, navionics, and spotlight it is all you need.  I wouldnt use a Flir if I had it.  I have done a lot of dark running on this trip, more than expected.  If I leave at 5 am I stretch the range by 2 hours each day.  Beneteau Rocks.  Viage Rocks!!
I also ran back to Key West from Boca Grande Key.  We stayed on the beach too long!  The last hour was in the dark in unexpected 6' seas at 9 knots.  Like I said this is one hell of a boat.  Not a drop in the bilge!
Joe Wilson